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Johannesburg: Big 5 Minus 1

It felt a little like cheating when we decided to go to the Rhino and Lion nature reserve instead of Kruger or Pilanesberg. I’d love to visit the latter two national parks but practicalities proved to be an obstacle on this trip. Nevertheless, I changed my mind about the cheating part once we entered the reserve. To me, it’s such a vast area and you wouldn’t even tell it’s enclosed. Best of all, it’s situated within the cradle of humankind, a world heritage site, making this an easy side trip from Johannesburg

Oh ya, and the game viewing opportunities are excellent. From rhinoceros, hippopotamus and zebras to my favourite big cats like lions, tigers, lynx and leopards, we saw them all! Some were at a far distance, and some were close enough to touch (not that I’d do that). Out of the Big 5, we only saw 4 as there are no elephants in the reserve. No giraffes too as they are often struck by lightning (Joburg being a plateau area). Still, it was a fabulous trip and a good introduction to the wildlife in South Africa~

It’d take ages if I were to upload all the photos (there’s just too many!) so here are some of my favourite snapshots. Enjoy!

We got into the van and the first thing our guide pointed out to us was… Shit! Literally, LOL.

We saw this beautiful miracle in the sky by chance and I just took a photo of it, not knowing that it’s a rare sun halo that made the news! Only after I posted this on Facebook did I know, haha. It’s cool that I was actually at the right place and at the right time to see it for myself~ Gotta love life 😀

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