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Sydney: Iku Wholefood

I’m thrilled.

I think I’ve found something even better than my all-time favourite LivinGreens at Iku Wholefood in Sydney, a chain of vegan macrobiotic cafes throughout the city. Think fast food, only way healthier. Mostly organic ingredients, no animal or dairy products, and natural preparations using the principles of macrobiotics, which translates as ‘Big Life’.. That’s Iku Wholefood.

Met Centre, Shop T22, 273 George St

The special of the day, my pumpkin and tempeh pie (AUD 10) was delicious. Seriously good. The heavily spiced filling of black-eyed beans, mushrooms, pumpkin and tempeh tasted exactly like the innards of a samosa or curry puff, I kid you not.

I was comfortably full after devouring the pie. But I wanted more (foodies have bigger eyes than stomach, you see). The fruity berry tofu cheesecake (AUD 7.50) beckoned cuz I’ve never had a tofu cheesecake before! And a protein-rich dessert? Bring it on.

Topped generously (too generous, in fact) with vanilla rice cream, this pseudo-cheesecake with a nutty crust was surprisingly tasty, with a distinct soy aftertaste and kind-of-mousse-like texture. Interesting~

You betcha I’ll be back for more 🙂

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