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Last month was a painful one as I went for a tooth surgery to remove 4 wisdom teeth and 4 normal teeth (for braces!) all at once. Yes, 8 at one go, ouch! Chewing food was out of question for the first few days so a liquid diet sounded perfect right? Enter the 3-Day Juice Cleanse program ($330) from Punch Detox, the first to provide such programs for busy people in Hong Kong and so successful that it has expanded to Singapore!

Tooth surgery aside, I was actually looking forward to the program because as an obsessed foodie, I admittedly indulge in desserts and rich food more than occasionally. Too much fat, too much sugar! It’s time to give my body a break, flood it with nutrients and flush out toxins at the same time! Toxins be gone!


Even though it was my first juice cleanse, I went for a level 2 cleanse since I felt ready for a deeper and more intense detox. After deciding on the dates, the fresh, gluten-free, vegan juices were delivered cold to my house the day before Day 1 of the cleanse. 3 cooler bags, 18 bottles in total… That’s 6 bottles of juices and soups per day, for 3 days. Easy and doable!


I really appreciate that Punch Detox sent out daily email and instructions to me during the program so I didn’t feel lost or intimidated at all!


Th bottles were clearly labelled Punch #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and I was supposed to drink them in sequence. And then repeat. I stored all 18 bottles in the fridge as soon as they were taken out of the bags (and after I photographed them haha) since they were “living” juices with no additives or preservatives.


Day 1 officially started with #1: Citrus Punch, a mixture of lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper, agave nectar and filtered water. Benefits: lemons provide vitamin C and dissolves toxins; ginger and cayenne pepper build heat to kick start metabolism and circulatory system; agave nectar sweetens without raising blood sugar levels. I liked this! Slightly tangy, a tad spicy!


A snapshot of the other bottles:

#2: Green Punch
Ingredients: Parsley, cucumber, green apple, kale, celery, bitter gourd, spirulina
Benefits: dark green vegetables contain vitamins and minerals essential for the cleansing functions of the liver and kidneys; spirulina has more protein than soy, more vitamin A than carrots, more iron than beef, plenty of protective phytochemicals and the essential fatty acid, GLA.

#3: Red Punch
Ingredients: Beetroot, carrot, red apples, ginger, orange, goji berries
Benefits: phytochemicals and antioxidants (like betacyanin and beta-carotene) help to get rid of toxins and protect against the kind of DNA damage that can lead to premature aging and cancer; goji berries have essential fatty acids and almost a perfect essential amino acid complex.

#4: Salad Punch – Level 2
Ingredients: Romaine, Spinach, Choi Sum, Pear, Cucumber, Green Radish
Benefits: lower in natural sugars and even higher in greens, this is Punch Detox’s most alkaline and deepest detoxifier.

#5: GazPUNCHo
Ingredients: Tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, cilantro, cayenne pepper, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil
Benefits: tomatoes are best known for lycopene; cucumber is an effective diuretic; apple cider vinegar is a bacteria-fighting agent; combination of garlic, cilantro and cayenne pepper fires up metabolism and blood circulation.

#6: Coco Punch – Level 2
Ingredients: Coconut, and Acai berry
Benefits: healthy electrolyte mix makes this the best hydrator.


Overall, I felt that all the juices (except #5, which is like a cold tomato soup) were refreshing, naturally sweet and very easy to drink! My personal favourites are #1 and #6! Punch Detox uses a hydraulic press to slowly squeeze and turn kilos of raw fruits and vegetables into colourful juices, preserving the vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It’s impossible to eat 8kg worth of fruits, vegetables and nuts so drinking is the way to go! Studies also show that this method of juicing extracts 3-5 times more vitamins and minerals than juice from other machines.


During the 3 days, I didn’t feel hungry… In fact, I felt full! Imagine, 500ml of liquid 6 times a day and 1 glass of water in between each juice. There was no time to be hungry haha. I also didn’t experience any side effects such as headaches, lethargy, nausea, weakness etc. The extent of the symptoms is apparently dependent on how “toxic” you are. The more toxins you have, the worse you will feel. I guess that means I’m relatively “clean” yay!


So, the million dollar question – did I feel any difference? Honestly, physically no, psychologically yes. I pretty much felt the same – no weight loss (to be clear though, the practice of cleansing is not a weight loss diet or fad), same level of energy, unchanged sleep pattern etc. Psychologically, I felt fabulous. The sense of achievement and knowing that all those nutrients are swimming in my body now just made me so happy! I’d love to go on another cleanse program in the near future, with K since he was very jealous that he couldn’t do it with me haha.


Thanks to Dilys and Punch Detox for the complimentary program!

Punch Detox
+65 8339 4133
86 Circuit Road, #01-1003, Singapore 370086

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Vegetarian food is no big deal but when it’s raw, creative and delicious? Enter Afterglow – a plant-based, farm-to-table eatery with a cool, industrial vibe complete with the ubiquitous bike-hanging-on-the-wall thingy which cafes seem very fond of these days. I really enjoyed the food but our bill was rather pricey for the quantity. Hopefully we will see more copycats of Afterglow around soon – healthy competition is always a good thing!


I love the fake “cheese” here simply because I do not like real cheese! Made of cashew nuts and blended with herbs, the texture was creamy (kind of like a thick and coarse version of hummus) and easily spreadable on the raw dehydrated crackers. Lovely dish to share.

Raw Cheese with Beetroot and Almond Crackers ($16+)


Between the kimchi and achar rolls, I prefer the latter! Packed neat and tight with blended nuts (yes, a lot of nuts used so don’t think you won’t get full eating rabbit food!), the pineapple within made it fruity and refreshing while the kimchi was too pungent for me.

Kimchi Nori Roll ($12+ for 6) and Achar Nori Roll ($12+ for 6)


This may be one of the most tasty bowls of rice I’ve ever had! The dressing was magical and extremely flavourful that I kept snatching it from K. We have already agreed to order this as takeaway in future and buy some sashimi to make our own perfect chirashi hahaha.

Deconstructed Sushi Bowl with Avocado and Miso Dressing ($16+)


24 Keong Saik Road
6224 8921

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Real Food

Whenever the healthy mood strikes, there’s a few standard places we will turn to. Cedele (been there countless times and I always order the same thing), thunder tea rice (K is not a fan so I don’t get to eat this as often as I like, sigh), Veganburg (loveeeee the mushroom burger!), and then there’s Real Food too!

We’ve been to the outlets at Central and Square 2, and can vouch for the consistency. The food has been enjoyable so far (skip the overpriced avocado coconut smoothie — about 150ml for $7.80, crazy), from chickpea sweet potato cake ($13.80) and organic pizza ($13.80) to spicy mushroom aglio olio ($7.80) and mushroom bruschetta ($7.80), yums. Once, they even invited some Japanese chef (don’t know who) to whip up some specials and though my macrobiotic meal was filling, it didn’t put me to zzz after lunch…


Real Food
#B1-52/53 The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen St
6224 4492

#B1-105/106/129, Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive
6397 2289

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Beets Modern Vegetarian

Vegetarians rejoice!” Not.

Beets Modern Vegetarian, mediocre 3-course set lunch ($29.90++) not worth mentioning in detail, great service though. We lunch-ed in really late, and the staff kindly moved us to all-day dining sister restaurant Addictions Cafe next door while it closed for a short siesta. Sheltered from the heavy downpour, we loitered there till evening and even had double scoops of ice cream on the house, thank you!

For a solid satisfying vegetarian meal, LivinGreens and Original Sin still have my undying loyalty~

Leek & Potato Soup
poached egg, truffle “caviar”

Background: Mint Pea Soup
mint leaf, pita bread

Tofu Burger
homemade seaweed tofu patty, grilled pumpkin, truffle aioli, relish

Mango Chili Salsa Sundae
lime sorbet

Root Beer Baileys Ice Cream ($9++)
compliementary from Addictions Cafe

Beets Modern Vegetarian
22 Dempsey Road
6475 6869

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Thanks to LINS Smoodees, it’s so easy to get your 5-a-day now. This new concept bar specializes in blending dairy-free smoothies made from organic leafy greens, fresh fruits and filtered alkaline water. Definitely no nasty sugar, preservatives or additives!

I was invited by founder Adeline for a tasting session and it turned out to be more of an insightful sharing session which I thoroughly enjoyed. Detoxification, excess weight loss, increase in energy and stamina, improved mental clarity — these are just some of the numerous benefits of drinking greens!

More importantly, they taste really good. I tried the three signature smoothies (Greenhorn, Popeye and Peter Pan) and love them all. Naturally sweet, not bitter in the least, and so incredibly fresh!

Image Credit: LINS Smoodees

Besides greens, there’s also a selection of pure delicious fruit smoothies and enzyme drinks. I’ve actually thought of making my own enzymes at home but the whole process is just too tedious (lazy me, I know). So you can imagine how happy I am that LINS Smoodees offers several different types of enzyme drinks, from pineapple and kiwi to dragonfruit and bell peppers. Awesome~

LINS Smoodees retails between an introductory price of $5.50/smoodee for those with 15 grams of greens and $7.50 for those with 45 grams of greens. Delivery packages start from as low as $8.50 per bottle for a minimum order duration of 2 weeks. To find out more, why not drop by LINS Smoodees today? I’m sure Adeline and her mother, Annie, will be more than happy to share the goodness of these homemade smoothies with you!

Image Credit: LINS Smoodees

My sincere thanks to Adeline and Annie for hosting the session! I hope this green revolution turns out to be a huge success in Singapore 🙂

LINS Smoodees Bar & Showroom
18 Cross Street
#B1-02 Marsh & Mclennan Center
9007 8233

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I like quiches. Especially those with a soft flaky crust and eggy center filled with vegetables and smoked salmon. But the problem with quiches is that they are sneakily unhealthy.  High in calories, high in fats, high in everything that’s not good for you. That’s why I love Livingreens’ quiche! Ok, so it’s not a quiche-quiche. It’s a pseudo-quiche. But it tastes good. The crust is made of chickpea flour and the filling is a tofu-like mixture with mushrooms and spices. Together with the pumpkin pie and lasagna, this is also my favourite at Livingreens! =)

325 Beach Road
6396 5523

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Vegan Burg

I’m proud to say that I haven’t eaten any fast food for more than 5 years (and definitely still counting). McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, and even instant noodles, they hold no appeal to me. Nutritionally worthless, and I’d rather waste my calories on equally sinful cakes and ice cream, hee. Which is why I think Vegan Burg has a brilliant concept: a vegan burger fast food restaurant that defies my school of thought that fast food = junk food!

The menu is limited, only 5 types of burgers and I’ve already tried all except one. The burger set comes with a choice of juices (the diluted-by-too-many-ice-cubes wheatgrass spinach tasted anything but that) and crispy seaweed fries that’s (ironically) rather salty.

Besides burgers and fries, there’s some sides like vegan franks, soup and salad too. The potato spinach pops look good, right?

But I felt slightly cheated when they were served. Only 5 small balls (expensive at $3.80!) heavily bolstered by lots of lettuce (to give the impression that the portion is not so pathetic) and they were very ordinary, think crispy fried potato balls with minimal seasoning.

The buns are organic (I like the soft rye and wholemeal best) and all the patties contain no gluten, dairy, GMO, preservatives or transfats. That sounds so healthy! Speaking of which, I find that the texture of the patties are somewhat similar to one another. After trying so many, I can safely conclude that what differentiates the burgers from each other is the sauce.

So far, char-grilled satay (below, $6.85 for burger, $10.85 for set) is my favourite! A familiar taste that’s not too overpowering. For a limited period, there’s a Christmas burger (above) that’s pretty awesome too: cracked pepper patty with a tangy sweet cranberry sauce ($7.85 for burger, $11.85 for set)~ Nice, nice.

I also like the wonderfully smokey flavour of the (you guess it) smoky BBQ ($6.85 for burger, $10.85 for set) burger!

Though the classic Hawaiian pineapple burger ($6.85 for burger, $10.85 for set) is their signature, I didn’t quite take to the sweet plum sauce.. Burgers are supposed to be savoury, aren’t they?

Even if you are a hard-core carnivore, give Vegan Burg a try! While it may not turn you into a vegetarian overnight, you may be surprised at how yummy these meatless burgers can be =) 

Vegan Burg
44 Jalan Eunos
6844 6868

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