Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro is a dream come true for pescetarians or just pure seafood lovers! Air shipments from Alaska, Boston, Auckland and Sydney bring fresh and “live” shellfish such as oysters, clams, lobsters, scallops and several different fish species into the “Fish Shop” (old but full of character) and the restaurant next door churns out dishes prepared in an unpretentious and simplistic style to emphasize the quality and freshness. As shipments vary weekly, the menu also changes depending on what’s available. So we went not knowing what to expect and left feeling absolutely happy and satisfied!


I was pleasantly surprised when a basket of warm homemade focaccia bread rolls were served. I cautioned K about wasting too much stomach space (I only took an obligatory bite) but he ignored me and went ahead to finish his roll haha.


The good stuff came right at the start of our meal – a gorgeous sashimi platter that’s a feast for the eyes! Every piece was so fresh (even better than what you’d get at Japanese restaurants) but the three different cuts of blue fin tuna (akami, chutoro and otoro) definitely overshadowed the kampachi sashimi! Chutoro was amazing but otoro was crazy. Crazy melt-in-the-mouth delicious, that is! Click here to see the wonderful marbling, no chewing required!


My favourite dish of the day (sashimi doesn’t count since that’s a no-brainer) was the sardine fillets from Brittany. Lightly pan-seared until crispy and served with a citrusy salad, the fishy taste (in a good way) was very distinctive, uniquely sardine-esque (K said he can never go back to canned sardines anymore, I agree!) and brought back memories of our best iwashi lunch in Tokyo a few months ago


I was more than happy to let the guys at the table have their go at the oysters since I’m not a fan of those briny stuff. I only managed one – Tsarskaya, which is said to have the mildest flavour compared to the other two varieties (Coffin Bay and Coromandal).


Next we had Scottish scallops with spinach cream sauce (bottom right hand side of the photo) which were kind of average to me. Somehow the texture was denser and less “bouncy” than other scallops that I’ve tried. On the same plate were fat and juicy prawns coated with an eggy batter. Nice!


There was only one deep fried prawn head and I had the honour of sucking its brains out hehe *sadistic foodie*


Even though the specialization is fish and seafood, there are also some meat dishes on the menu. One of the chef’s specials that day was these mini pork belly burgers which were apparently so good that the guys almost had tears in their eyes (not kidding)! K polished off two easily and was still fondly reminiscing about them a couple of days ago.


The hot trout was smoked in-house and had an amazing smokey flavour! However, I still prefer The Lokal’s salmon version as the meat here was a tad too tough. If only a softer texture can be achieved, that’d be perfect!


Check out this double decker smoked salmon egg benedict! I love the layers of lovingly soft homemade brioche and in-house smoked salmon (yes, they smoke all their fish in-house!) but not so much the overcooked poached egg.


More fish! Halibut this time with a firm, flaky texture and delicate flavour. Paired with asaparagus, cherry tomatoes and eggplants, I imagine this is something healthy I can have for dinner everyday!


I started off this post with my favourite sashimi/sardines and gonna end it with my least-preferred dish – fish & chips! If you’ve read about my Portico experience, you’d know that I absolutely love the f&c there even though I usually don’t order f&c if I have a choice. Rock cod fish was used in this rendition and I find that the meat was tough and dry hmm.


Thank you, Anil and Alan!

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro
No. 34 & 38 Greenwood Ave
6467 4950

The gourmet Sunday Champagne Brunch at The Terrace in Sentosa is an underrated gem that has both a quality spread (features signature dishes of award-winning restaurant The Cliff) and an attractive price tag – $109++ per adult (top up $20++ for free flow wine or $40++ for all-you-can-drink wine and Moët/Chandon champagne). Kids aged 5 to 12 years eat for $79++ (I don’t have kids but honestly, I won’t bring them even if I do, waste of money haha) and it’s available every Sunday from noon to 3pm.


The wide array of food was impressive! The cold seafood selection had oysters, prawns, mussels and omg, I finally had my fair share of lobsters that day! So sweet and meaty that I couldn’t help going back for more. Apparently there was supposed to be crabs too but we didn’t see any. And of course, we also spent a good amount of time at the Japanese section – fresh salmon/maguro sashimi, the usual maki rolls (don’t eat too much rice at buffets!) and there’s even unagi sushi! We didn’t try any of the cheese and charcuterie (not a fan) but the selection looked good, with an assortment of popular cheeses by renowned cheese masters such as Guiffanti from Italy and Phillipe Olivier and Ceneri from France.


Against the backdrop of lush greenery and complete with panoramic sea view are the “live” carving, barbecue and cooked food stations. Expect wagyu beef rump, fat sausages, bloody steaks, dim sum, roast duck and tandoori meats with naans. Foie gras lovers, heads up! There’s also pan-fried foie gras prepared a-la-minute. K could only stomach one piece cuz it was so rich and decadent haha. Oh ya, there’s even an outdoor band serenading the diners amidst the tranquil setting.


My favourite part of the buffet was the gorgeous chocolate room! Once we stepped in, the aroma of chocolate hit us right away. Taking centre stage is a table full of petite cakes, mousses, jellies, brownies, macarons, meringues, pralines and pastries which are baked in-house. Surrounding it are more cakes, white and dark chocolate fondue, a crepe station, and tubs of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Everything looked so tempting!


I told K that we must try everything and so we did! The chocolate brownies and cakes were the most calories-worthy (skip the fruity ones which were so-so) and each of us had three scoops of ice cream (macadamia ftw!!) with toppings, hehe. To inject an element of fun (and creativity?), there’s a station for us to decorate our own cupcakes! I concede defeat and admit that we are not talented at all haha –> see photos of end result here and here. No wonder cupcakes are so expensive hmm. Anyway, overall I think this is one of the best buffets we’ve tried this year! Both the sweet and savoury tooth were well-satisfied. Will be back!


My thanks to Candice for inviting and making the arrangement!

The Terrace
The Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa
2 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa
6371 1414

Beans & Cream

Tough competition, high rental, fickle consumers, and yet there are so many new (and upcoming) ice cream parlors in Singapore these days! Respect!! Because of all these brave entrepreneurs, my to-go list has been lengthening rapidly so time to strike off one!

Beans & Cream at Bukit Batok (omg sooooo farrrrrrrrr) clearly caters to the residents in the neighbourhood – I saw families/couples in tees/singlets, shorts, slippers and kids wearing pajamas, cute. It’s a very plain-looking shop but the varieties of ice cream in the chiller are anything but!


Waffles are predictably on the menu so we tried one set ($9 with two scoops of ice cream; additional $0.80 for every “premium” flavour). The shape and size of the waffles are similar to Creamier but I still prefer the latter. These were pretty decent but not as crispy as I’d like (I love super crispy ones!) and missing a certain aroma to it? Anyway, doesn’t matter because the avocado supreme and green tea ice cream were so creamy and smooth! The former had swirls of chocolate and gula melaka while the latter was bittersweet and apparently made from Kyoto-Uji matcha containing the super nutrient chlorella. Healthy ice cream yay! #whoamikidding


I wanted three scoops of ice cream on the waffles (our default!) but the staff refused cuz two is the max! Something due to their POS system, whatever. So I’m penalized because I want to buy more (and help them save one paper cup)?! Pfft, doesn’t make sense to me. Okie rant over, back to happier topic – ice cream, of course! Pistachio ($3.80) is one of the premium flavours and will only be available for a limited period. The initial taste was good and nutty but somehow it got sweeter and sweeter hmm. Kind of regretting that I didn’t get the black sesame soy instead…

Note to self (and K): next time!


Beans & Cream
#01-260, 347 Bukit Batok Street 34

Portico Singapore

So. Yesterday I mentioned that I’ve already decided on the restaurant to support (for the first time) during the upcoming Restaurant Week in October and ta-da, it’s none other than Portico! Main reason is because this relatively new all-day restaurant is now helmed by Chef Nixon who was previously from Petite Menu. Regular readers will know that I used to be the BIGGEST fan of Petite Menu so a visit to Portico for more of Chef Nixon’s food is obviously a must for me!


The best seats to catch all the action in the house are definitely at the bar counter, where a bar tasting menu is served during dinner. The “omakase” menu (changes daily, customizable according to preferences) is reasonably priced at $70++ for 5 courses (additional courses available) and you will be personally served by the chef!


Our tasting menu started with my all-time favourite snack – crispy soft shell crab! True, soft shell crab can be easily found elsewhere but one paired with a salted egg yolk dip? Only at Portico! The flavour was rich and intense but very refined too. Love it!

soft shell crab with salted egg yolk sauce (not on ala carte menu)


Next, Chef Nixon served a duo of sea bass which firmly pushed the soft shell crab out of my mind! Super fresh fish because it was delivered straight from a fishery in Pulau Ubin to Portico’s doorstep within 2 hours of being caught.

grilled sea bass collar and smoked belly over japanese charcoal (not on ala carte menu)


Beautifully grilled collar which can rival the hamachi (yellowtail) version commonly found in Japanese restaurants. Doesn’t need any seasoning at all!


Whenever we eat together, my favourite question to K is: “is the food nice??” (sometimes I asked multiple times just to be an annoying brat haha) so of course I asked the same while he was silently devouring the smoked belly. His reply? “Almost swallowed my tongue!” Ya, that’s how good it was! #truestory


I’ve tried several soups whipped up by Chef Nixon and this veloute of fish and fennel may be the best one so far. I wouldn’t have thought of the combination (well, I’m not a chef!!) but somehow, it works!

veloute of fish and fennel, homemade brioche, cocoa butter seared scallops, marinated ikura, light ginger foam (not on ala carte menu)


On the way home, we discussed the dinner we had (another crazy SOP of mine – I like to do a “debrief” after our meal haha) and K was surprised that I like this so much because I’m not crazy over soups (liquid fills up the stomach, you know!) but what can I say, I really enjoyed it!


Throughout our meal, I noticed that many tables ordered the kombu soba. The portion is generous enough to be a starter to share or for small eaters, it suffices as a healthy main course. And anything with truffle rocks haha.

kombu soba noodles, truffle and crispy brown shrimp ($19++ ala carte)


If I have to rank all the dishes, the seafood risotto would be right at the bottom of my list. Too wet, mushy and way beyond al dente.

saffron seafood risotto, fresh mussels, grilled tiger prawns, green peas (not on ala carte menu)


Honestly we’ve had better fish dishes from Chef Nixon before so in comparison, this pan-seared sea bass was kind of average. Too simple, perhaps?

pan-seared sea bass fillet, new potatoes, herbed beurre blanc and granny smith apple ($27++ ala carte)


Highlight of the night for K was this plate of medium rare Spanish Iberico pork slices. Presa is considered to be the finest cut of the Iberian pig and despite how full we were at this point, K wiped the whole plate clean! A fine endorsement for this dish.

iberico presa, black garlic puree, pork jus (not on ala carte menu)


I’m not a fan of fish and chips but guess what, I went from 3.5 to 10 on the enthusiasm scale once I had my first bite of it! So meaty and soft within the thin non-oily batter! And the crushed minty peas were refreshingly perfect; I could probably eat a bowl of it alone, no kidding.

fish and chips, crushed peas and fresh mint ($22++ ala carte)


That’s not a typo, that’s really onion ice cream! Weird right? With fried shallots thrown in for texture too, double the weirdness! I have to admit that it was an acquired taste but I slowly grew to accept (won’t use the word “like”) it. The tart, on the other hand, was love at first sight. Unique presentation mimicking a lava cake! Best part was the lemon curd – smooth and sour with just a hint of sweetness.

tart aux citron and onion ice cream ($16++ ala carte)


Two chefs working on our next (and last) dessert!


To me, no meal prepared by Chef Nixon can end without his special deconstructed blackforest. I’ve loved it since last year and it’s still as wonderful as before – maybe even better because the caramel ice cream is made in-house this time. Dinner ended on this creamy, nutty, chocolaty note and I’m already badgering K to bring me back!

the blackforest with dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut soil, alcohol-soaked cherry coulis and caramel ice cream (not on ala carte menu)


Thank you, Chef Nixon, for preparing such a delicious meal!

Portico Singapore
#01-10, 991B Alexandra Road
6276 7337

Singapore Restaurant Week is back! From 25 Oct to 2 Nov, top restaurants in Singapore will be offering a 3-course lunch and dinner at $25++ and $35++ respectively (additional supplement applies for certain restaurants) and the theme is “chocolate” yay! Priority bookings will be offered to American Express Card Members from 22 Sep and booking for the public will open from 27 Sep.

Although it’s already in its 9th edition, I’ve never participated in one before (don’t ask me why, I was just never inclined to do so)! But this year is gonna be different because I’ve already decided to support one of my favourite chefs for both lunch and dinner during Restaurant week! Check back tomorrow if you wanna know who/where/what~


I was lucky to go on a media trail for a sneak peek (and taste) of what the upcoming Restaurant Week will bring! The idea is that three mystery restaurants will be featured, each serving one course (starter, main course and dessert). This is the second time I’ve attended the mystery restaurant trail and I think it’s better-organized than the first! Last year we started at AMK and it was such a long ride to our 2nd destination in the city zzz. And this year we were chauffeured in style in Audi cars to our next venue/course (last year was disco van; fun but Audi is way cooler haha).

Cauliflower Gratin
deep fried cauliflower florets, white truffle & cheese foam, gremolata


Our first stop was *drumroll* Bacchanalia! When our starter arrived, my heart sank a little because it didn’t look appetizing. Not photogenic at all, for sure. But wow, I really should learn not to judge a dish by its looks haha. The plain jane cauliflower gratin was my favourite that night. Love the bold flavour (spices used somehow remind me of Indian cuisine) and the cauliflower florets were surprisingly not soggy despite being buried under a blanket of foam and cream.

Next stop was Amarone at Capital Tower where we had a nicely grilled sea bass. Nothing amazing, but I felt healthy after polishing it off!

Branzino alla Siciliana
grilled sea bass with sicilian dressing, cherry tomatoes, capers and olives


We were guessing where we’d end up for dessert but Hilton Hotel certainly didn’t cross my mind! High up on level 24 is il Cielo, a contemporary Italian restaurant which I’ve heard good things about. Although it was strangely served at room temperature, our dessert was lovely – three different layers of intense coffee froth, tantalizing dark chocolate and rum mousse with sugarcane crumbles dominating the bottom layer for a crispy and sweet aftertaste. This put il Cielo on my ever-growing to-go list!

Dolce Ponce
coffee froth, chocolate and rum mousse with sugarcane crumbles


To make bookings or find out more information, check out the official Restaurant Week website: http://www.restaurantweek.sg

My thanks to DiningCity, Debbie and Natasha for the invitation!

23A Coleman Street
6509 1453

Ristorante Amarone
168 Robinson Rd, Capital Tower
6423 0464

il Cielo Restaurant & Bar
581 Orchard Road
6730 3395

K picked me up after my dinner at Alkaff Mansion and he was quite skeptical when I told him that I enjoyed most of the food! Can’t blame him because we had a very underwhelming (I quote myself: “crappy”) brunch there early last year jeez.

But times have changed at the Grande Dame on the hill (looks majestic at night!) – new executive chef from Sardinia, new Italian menu with a Sardinian flair, so I reckon it’s time to “rediscover” Alkaff Mansion eh?


And actually, it was a night of “discovery” about yours truly too. See, I’ve never liked octopus and squid (and abalone and oyster and mussel and the chewy seafood, you get the idea) but wow, I couldn’t stop myself from having seconds of the beautiful octopus salad! The fresh octopus carpaccio was so thin and tender! Have I been missing out the good stuff all along?! Haha.

Insalata di Polpo alla Carlofortina ($24++)
Sardinian Octopus Salad with Yellow Frisée Salad


The refreshed menu also boosts a luxurious seafood platter for two, with five different items – plump tiger prawns, tuna tartare, sea bass carpaccio, octopus salad (new found love!) and lobster chunks in a zesty citrus dressing. The portions were generous and I think four persons can share this comfortably without fighting!

Gran Misto di Mare ($68++, serving for two)
Seafood Platter with Tuna Tartare, Tiger Prawns, Lobster, Sea Bass and Octopus


Usually I’d prefer pasta to risotto (too carb-heavy, relatively) but the classic porcini mushroom risotto made with Superfino Acquerello grain (reportedly prized for making flawless al dente risotto as it absorbs liquids well yet still remains fluffy) had such a heady aroma and rich flavour that the toothsome fregola pasta steeped in a savoury seafood broth just paled in comparison.

Fregola ai Frutti di Mare ($28++)
Sardinian Pasta with Assorted Seafood


Risotto ai Funghi Porcini e Timo ($28++)
Porcini Mushroom Risotto Superfino Acquerello with Thyme


My main course of sea bream was fresh but unfortunately, it was way too salty. Guess you can give the other new dishes a try – oven baked lamb rack or the sardinian style suckling pig, which is apparently slow roasted for several hours at 70°C to obtain the perfect skin texture as well as ensuring the flesh is fork tender.

Orata al Forno in Crosta di Patate e Pomodorini Ciliegina ($48++)
Baked Sea Bream with Potatoes and Cherry Tomatoes


Carre’ d’Agnello al Forno, Cipolline in Salsa di Prugne e Arance ($45++)
Oven Baked Lamb Rack with Caramelised Onions & Homemade Prune Sauce


Porcetto Sardinyan Style ($46++)
Slow Cooked Sardinian Style Suckling Pig with Roasted Potatoes


A modern twist on another Italian dessert sees the creation of the mint and vanilla panna cotta which honestly didn’t score points with me. The minty flavour brings to mind toothpaste? Ah, just ignore me, I’m the girl who doesn’t like mint ice cream anyway.

Panna Cotta, Frutti di Bosco e Salsa al Lamponi ($14++)
Fresh Mint Vanilla Panna Cotta with Mixed Berries & Raspberry Sauce


Special thanks to Veronica and Jeanette for hosting us for dinner!

Alkaff Mansion Ristorante
10 Telok Blangah Green
6510 3068

Sushi Kou

If not for the unexpected (and unfortunate!) closure of Hanare on a Saturday, we wouldn’t have gone to Sushi Kou because that was not in the immediate “let’s go eat there!” plans. And yes, I plan every meal hehe. Anyway, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise and we like our ala carte orders (usual favourites so everything was oishii!) enough that one day soon, we will be back for the omakase, which I heard is priced very reasonably for the quality~

Clockwise from bottom right:

yuzu and green tea ice cream, negitoro maki, unagi avocado maki, soft shell crab maki, tamago, anago sushi


Sushi Kou
1 Tras Street
6444 8433


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