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Don Quijote had its first Spanish Barbecue Night a few weeks ago and it was an exciting feast with great food and free-flow drinks such as sangria, wines and Taittinger champagne! Granted, the spread was not visually impressive but who cares when there’s quality (think wagyu tomahawk steaks, ‘live’ sea prawns, ‘live’ barramundi etc etc) over quantity.


The signature Spanish Suckling Pig took 7 (7!!!) years to be perfected and it was apparently worth the wait. Comments I kept hearing include “authentically prepared”, “clean tasting” and “naturally sweet” (which as a pescetarian, I can’t understand haha). It’s currently on special promotion at half ($168) and whole ($268) portions (I heard the promo is gonna end soon since it’s too cheap compared to market price!), and 2 days advanced order is required.

P.S. Next time you come across a suckling pig, go for the ears! It’s an open secret that those crispy bits are the best part!


Woah, bloody meat… As K said, “the bloodier, the merrier”~


My favourite was the baked Boston Lobsters topped with cheese! I had to force myself to stop at four. Having these lobsters ‘live’ really made a world of difference… So meaty and unbelievably fresh! In fact, one of the lobsters in the pot was threatening to jump out to play, hence the black cloth as a cover.


Another dish which K raved about was the Spanish Secreto Iberico Pork. Didn’t look very exciting but the cut was thin and juicy!


Spanish staples: robust and savoury Fideuá Negra made in fresh squid ink and though the ubiquitous Paella was not captured in the photo below, don’t worry, it was definitely there!


I have no idea whether the BBQ night will be a permanent monthly event at Don Quijote (this was just a test launch) but I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it will be!

My special thanks to Anil and Ken for the exclusive invitation!

Don Quijote
#01-02, Block 7 Dempsey Road
6476 2811


Soft serve.

No words needed.


Godiva Chocolatier
IFC Mall
Shop 1029-30, Level One
1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong
(852)-2805 0518

I’ll be honest: Stellar‘s Sunday Wine Lust brunch is not for everyone.

If you are not into alcohol (who doesn’t????), skip this. With free flow wines and sparkling, it’s not called “wine lust” for nothing. Every week, different wine and wine makers are showcased and guests are invited to sample up to a selection of 12 different wines. Chosen favourites can also be bought at wholesale price tags!

If you prefer a big buffet spread, I think hotel buffets are more suitable and value for money. There’s not even a cold raw seafood section as the focus is on a la minute and live cooking stations. Really depends on what you are looking for: quality or quantity?

If you don’t care much for spectacular views during your dining experience, I suggest you close off this window now. At $110++ per person, brunch is pricey and part of that is the location. 62 levels above ground, fabulous views and ambience (my BFF’s friend received her marriage proposal there!) guaranteed!


The carefully crafted food menu features a decadent spread with trademark highlights such as Stellar’s signature sushi station (quite a limited selection though), smoked salmon benedict (predictably my favourite!) and fresh truffle pasta (I wish I can steal the whole knob of black truffle from the chef haha). K, this blog’s unofficial meat taster, was in charge of devouring the fragrant claypot chicken rice, bloody wagyu rump and assorted cuts from the meat carvery. Brunch ended nicely with a gorgeous dessert platter (all the sweet little cakes were sooooo good!!) and we left with the conclusion that artisanal cheese is totally wasted on us (we just can’t appreciate them, sorry).


Claypot Chicken Rice
classic with a twist served at the table


Stellar Sushi
assorted nigiri and maki rolls


Eggs Selection
smoked salmon benedict


Truffle Pasta
creamy carbonara or olive oil aglio alio


Meat Carvings
spatchcock chicken with peri peri, roasted pork belly with chilli apple sauce, rosemary roast leg of lamb, roast duck


Slow Roasted Wagyu Rump
red wine or mushroom sauce


Assorted Artisanal Cheese
served from the trolley


lemon coconut slice, orange carrot cake, chocolate tartlet, hazelnut praline cake, white chocolate raspberry cake, strawberry crumble, anzac cookies


My thanks to Shasi for the kind invitation!

Stellar at 1-Altitude
#62-01, One Raffles Place
1 Raffles Place
6438 0410

Besides Maki San, the green tea soft serve from Tsujiri is also making a regular appearance on my Instagram feed lately. The sudden obsession started a couple of months ago and we’ve been at the 100AM or 313 branch so often that we are well on our way towards a second loyalty rewards card soon… In fact, I think we may be there again today, see ya!


#01-14B, 100AM
100 Tras Street
6543 6110

When this post is published, I will be having dinner at Maki San again.

Yes, again.

Followers on my instagram will know that I eat here very frequently. Because I’m still loving the fresh and colourful DIY salad with sesame dressing very much after more than a year! Our standard order usually includes two more DIY brown rice sushi rolls too. Always satisfying.


Maki San
#B1-17/18, The Cathay
2 Handy Road
6737 8772

Bye, Petite Menu~

5 things I will miss at Petite Menu:

1. Deep fried soft shell crab with the killer salted egg sauce. Every meal here must start with a double portion of this wonderful cholesterol bomb.


2. Letting Chef Nixon spring a surprise menu on us. Jerusalem artichoke soup with poached egg and addictive fried baby shrimps? Chef knows me too well. Without him, Petite Menu won’t be the same no more.


3. Super affordable haute cuisine. Tell me, where to find $36++ for a good quality 4 course dinner these days? And by good quality, I mean fresh and perfectly seared scallops, threadfin, cod fish, halibut etc etc.


4. The pretty and artistic plating… How come chefs can style a dish so effortlessly by randomly sprinkling garnishes here and there but when I try to do the same, all I create is a mess?! #obviouslynochefgeneinme


5. Of course, my favouritest deconstructed blackforest dessert forever and ever. Chef has passed on the recipe to K so I’m patiently waiting *hint hint* haha.

Petite Menu and Chef Nixon, you will be dearly missed!


Petite Menu
Level 1, Aqueen Lavender Hotel
139 Lavender Street
6395 7782

Finally got around to blogging about our dating anniversary lunch at Jaan last month (last month! where did time go!) and we can always trust Jaan to deliver. So much so that we have decided to make meals here a quarterly treat to try all the seasonal menus! Dishes featured here are on the winter menu~

black sesame sponge with eel, homemade chestnut hummus, rye crackers


Lovely parade of amuse bouche as always. Particularly like the sweet chestnut dip (technically it’s not a hummus) and soul soothing mushroom tea!

wild mushroom tea


K’s take on Jaan is that if you skip the smoked egg here, you haven’t been to Jaan. So true! I was slightly bummed that chef decided to alter the presentation for my vegetarian version though. Definitely prefer the transparent glass bowl with smoking hay underneath. Mental note to self: make specific request for that in Q2.

ratte potato, chorizo iberico, buckwheat


Our main of trout (mine with crayfish instead of pork) hovered at the average line. I’m noticing a trend here w.r.t. the mains at Jaan… Seems like the starters and desserts always impress more.

kagoshima pork, cauliflower, miso caramel


The Choconuts has been given a new facelift since our last visit and I can only say that I felt really really sad (being melodramatic haha) when my spoon scooped up the last bit of chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sponge, chocolate i-don’t-know-what-but-it’s-undeniably-good into my mouth and then it’s all gone, sigh. One more, anytime!

tastes & textures


Cute little desserts-after-desserts that I had to have, even though I was comfortably stuffed.

kiwi berry, coconut marshmallow, rosemary lollipop, chocolate crunch


Happy 2nd dating anniversary to us, K!

Can we come back soon?


70F, Swissotel The Stamford
6837 3322


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