Seasons Bistro

At Seasons Bistro, eating with the seasons is no longer limited to expensive fine dining restaurants!

Be it spring summer autumn or winter (just forget for one sec that it’s always summer in Singapore okie?!), this new restaurant located at Triple One Somerset (where Applebee’s used to be) offers affordably priced menus specially crafted to showcase the best of each season’s freshest ingredients. In fact, I kid you not – I just saw that the menu has already changed slightly since my visit 6-7 weeks ago! So fast!!


A great starter to share is the tuna taco. Actually, I take that back. It was so good that I didn’t want to share! Imagine explosion of flavours in each mouthful!

Yellowtail Tuna Taco ($14++)
avocado mayo, pickled onions, crispy shallots, cojita cheeese, cilantro jalapeno watercress salad, tortilla shell


Sounds like a crazy heart attack type of combination! If I’m not a pescetarian, I’d be curious to try just for novelty’s sake~

Pan Seared Foie Gras ($16++)
pain de mie, chocolate ganache, bacon jam, caramelized bananas, granola crumbs


This was nice but nothing wow. Love the candied walnuts so much that I had an extra serving from the kitchen yay! They should consider selling the too-addictive walnuts. Another revenue stream, why not right haha.

Grilled Portobello Salad ($15++)
st maure terroir cheese, tomatoes, beans, candied walnuts, pickled onions, bacon crisp, red wine vinaigrette


Truffle fries FTW but I was rather disappointed with the succotash. It was honestly no different from Chinese stir-fry vegetables.

truffle fries with pecorino and rosemary sea salt ($7++)
succotash – corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers ($6++)


The albacore tuna is very easy to like – well seared and well paired with refreshing Asian pear, creamy avocados, interesting jicama which is a Mexican version of yam/turnip, spicy chipotle mojo and aromatic salsa verde. Pity about the small portion though!

Albacore Tuna ($26++)
asian pear, avocado, jicama (mexican yam/turnip), watermelon, chipotle majo, salsa verde


Originated from southern Louisiana, gumbo is the type of dish that every New Orleans family will swear by their special closely-guarded family recipe. The hearty version I tried had the right balance to me – not too heavy, not too spicy, not too sweet. Best to share!

Surf & Turf Gumbo ($27++)
shrimp, chicken, sausage, okra tomato stew, dirty rice, pickled onion, cilantro, chow chow relish, french bean salad


Very similar to the portobello salad we had. I suggest to get one or the other, not both.

Char Grilled Portobello Mushrooms Stack ($20++)
eggplant, pickled onions, cucumbers, salsa verde, tomatoes, herbed potatoes, goats cheese, spinach, maple balsamic reduction, crispy artichokes


I’m not a big fan of either red velvet or cheesecake so I’m not too sure about their “best of both cakes in one serving” tagline…

Red Velvet Cheesecake ($10++)
best of both cakes in one serving?


Moist and nutty, this was lovely!

Season’s Carrot Cake ($12++)
cream cheese, walnuts


The classic pound cake is given a modern and fun twist in the form of lemon/basil/olive oil. Rest assured that it doesn’t taste weird at all! I like it so much that I’ll order it again but I realize that this is no longer on the menu, whyyyyyyy *wail*

Lemon, Basil & Olive Oil Cake ($8++)
pound cake, vanilla ice cream, orange compote


My favourite dessert of the night was the mojito tart, a clever personification of the quintessential Cuban cocktail! This is definitely more than one level up from the a-dime-a-dozen lemon tarts found in dessert shops these days. Must try if you like sourish-sweet desserts like me!

Mojito Tart ($12++)
toasted cooconut tart, mint lime curd, rum cream


Big big thanks to Imen for arranging and Michelle for hosting dinner!

Seasons Bistro
#01-11/12, 111 Somerset Road
6836 5841

Sunday Folks

Thought it’s apt to publish this on a Sunday haha. The folks from ever-popular Creamier has opened Sunday Folks, a tastefully designed dessert cafe specializing in hand crafted soft serve ice cream, waffles and cakes.


We are huge fans of Creamier’s waffles (I still think it’s the best in Singapore!) and were told that the same recipe is used here. That said, I think I prefer Creamier for two reasons: 1. Sunday Folks’ waffles are not as crispy on the outside (which I’m sure can be easily corrected) and 2. one swirl of soft serve is somehow not enough for two waffles (I’m a “ice cream > waffle” girl). At Creamier, I can happily pay and heap two or even three scoops of ice cream on the waffles (yes, been there done that) but it’s simply not possible at Sunday Folks simply because it’s soft serve. And yes, staff needs to work on their “dispensing softee” skills.

Waffles with Sea Salt Gula Melaka ($10.80)
strawberries, blueberries, thin slice of roll cake, chocolate sauce and maple syrup


Texture of both the salted gula melaka and roasted pistachio soft serve was excellent! So creamy and velvety~ Flavours were good too, especially the gula melaka which had a bold salty taste to it. Dark chocolate, earl grey lavender, madagascar vanilla and summer strawberries are also available but we will definitely be sticking to these two :) Oh ya, we can do without the “frills” though – pastry stick and roll cake (on the waffles buried under the soft serve)?

Roasted Pistachio Soft Serve Ice Cream ($6.90)
homemade black charcoal cone, pistachio nuts, pastry stick


I couldn’t resist the homemade green tea cake (yep, three desserts just for two of us – that’s not unusual) and it turned out to be a good choice! Delicately light and moist, this is perfect for people who don’t like cakes that are too sweet.

Japanese Matcha Cake ($7.90)
with white chocolate and kinako (roasted soybean flour)


Sunday Folks
#01-52 Chip Bee Garden
44 Jalan Merah Saga
Open till 10pm daily except Monday

Restaurant Hoshigaoka is a good place to indulge in affordable, fuss-free Japanese cuisine. While we were there, we saw quite a few Japanese families dining there as well – a positive sign even before we started eating yay!


To keep things interesting, they do a monthly promotion for set meals where you get an appetizer, salad, main, rice and miso soup. We went in June so the featured items which caught our eyes were salmon for me (duh!) and steak for K. I remember each set cost less than 20 bucks – great value for money for the generous portions! This month’s promotion is slightly more expensive though –> see menu here


K loved the medium rare juicy steak and declared this to be the best dish for the day!


Me? I prefer the items from the ala carte menu! Like the deep fried soft shell crab… It was forgivably skinny and thankfully not oily at all.

Soft Shell Crab ($6.50++)


The hamachi (yellowtail) was the best out of the lot! Rather fresh, likewise the salmon and scallop (hotate). Can’t say the same for the swordfish (mekajik) and tuna (maguro) though. I reckoned sashimi is not their strong suit and you can get better quality elsewhere…

Sashimi Funa Mori ($28++)
6 assorted types of sashimi


Okie, this is my favourite dish for the day! The grilled fish head was superb with delicately fatty and soft cheeks. It’s not available everyday though, you know what they say about good things coming to those who wait :)

Grilled Yellowtail Cheek/Collar (market price)
off the menu


Unagi and cod are pretty much no-fail and no-brainer items for us to order since we love them too much. These were so good that I was so tempted to re-order, just to up my Omega-3 fatty acids intake you know haha #actuallyjustgluttony

Unagi Kabayaki ($22.50++); Gindara Teriyaki ($17.70++)
grilled water eel; grill cod fish


We can never say no to ice cream (check out how many soft serve we had in Japan), especially green tea! Not shown here is a taiyaki ice cream ($5.80++) favoured by K so much that he still craves for it every now and then!

Green Tea Ice Cream ($5++)
served with red beans


Skip this. Chocolate “cup” was ridiculously hard and impossible to break while the “tiramisu” only had cream cream and more cream. Make it a real tiramisu please…

Green Tea Tiramisu ($6.80++)
in chocolate cup


My special thanks to Yi Ting for the kind invitation!

Restaurant Hoshigaoka
#04-00, Isetan Scotts
350 Orchard Road
6734 9725


I’m gonna revive this blog with a short (though long literally), mostly pictorial post on Anti:dote, one of the coolest spots to eat, drink and be seen.

The menu of “bar bites” is divided into four sections: Pickings, Small Plates, Sweets and Petit. About 20 items in total and I only missed out on three. Yes, that’s right – you are looking at 85.7% of the menu here! I imagine some dishes can be pretty controversial (langoustine and tom yum, veal and truffle bao, really?) but honestly, we really like most of head chef Carlos’ creations (ladies, he’s talented and very cute!!) haha.

Favourites include the addictively salty anchovy sticks, DIY roasted bell peppers with pistachio cream, carb-less parmesan pizza (every table orders this for a good reason) and molecular-ish clam sphere (think clam chowder in one pop). Oh ya, technically Anti:dote is a cocktail bar so don’t leave without trying the fancy alcoholic concoctions! Charming head craftsman Tom is super knowledgeable and obviously knows his stuff. Get him to whip up something adventurous off the menu – I’m sure he won’t say no :)

Final thought: this place easily has both style and substance. Go!


Treat of Kings ($23++)
pineapple juice, pisco, tarragon, mint


The Blood of Dillinger ($23++)
signature cocktail containing beetroot juice and a blend of fresh herbs


crisp anchovy sticks, garlic aioli ($8++)


potato chips, warm white truffle puree ($12++)


bbq roasted bell peppers, pistachio cream, thyme crostini ($8++)


Small Plates
crisp parmesan pizza, olive oil caviar, tomatoes, basil ($12++)


Small Plates
shigoku oysters, cucumber, wasabi cream, passion fruit jelly ($18++)


Small Plates
yellow fin tuna skewers, green apples, kaffir lime, jalapeno ponzu, kaluga caviar ($18++)


Small Plates
clam sphere, crispy bacon, samphire, parsley oil ($14++)


Small Plates
slow cooked egg, chorizo broth, potato, parmesan espuma ($14++)


Small Plates
caramelised foie gras, vinegar glazed leeks, crisp puff pastry ($18++)


Small Plates
braised veal cheek, caramelised shallots, perigord black truffle bao ($20++)


Small Plates
braised short rib, crispy beef salad, sweet and sour dressing ($18++)


Small Plates
langoustine tartar, peanut tofu, chilled tom yum broth ($16++)


Small Plates
scrambled eggs, sea urchin, asparagus, kaluga caviar ($24++)


baked chocolate mousse, hazelnut praline, pear sorbet, capovilla eau de vie ($12++)


passion fruit marshmallow ($4++)
karukera chocolate, eldorado rum truffle ($4++)
coconut tequila, raspberry pate de fruit ($4++)
apple, calvados ($4++)


Many thanks to Callista and Ruth for hosting dinner!

Level 1, Fairmont Singapore
80 Bras Basah Road
6431 5315


Off to Tokyo!

Check out my Instagram (@myfoodsirens) for more on-the-move food pics :)

I love it when the menu at Jamie’s Italian gets revamped (yes, again!!) because it means the chance to try both new and “old” items~

Here’s a quick rundown:

Cauliflower fritters – highly recommended!!! Even for veggie haters haha. Deep-fried to a luscious golden hue, the crunchy-outside-soft-inside texture was perfect. It’s not right to share this with anyone but yourself!

Cauliflower & Parmesan Fritters ($12.50++)
with a fiery arrabbiata dip


Panzanella – skip skip skip. Looks beautiful but soggy bread is so not appealing. Give me warm and crusty bread on the side any day!

Daily Special: Panzanella
italian bread and tomato salad


Bruschetta – the roasted squash and ricotta bruschetta is new but I was more interested in the crab and avocado version. It was an excellent light and refreshing starter, from the thin grilled sourdough, copious servings of crab meat to the guacamole-like spread and tangy yogurt dip.

Crab & Avocado Bruschetta ($14.50++)
sourdough topped with devonshire crab, avocado & yeo valley yoghurt, with apple, chilli, mint & lemon


Pumpkin tortellini – taste was too sweet for our liking. Imo, Pasta Brava still makes the best pumpkin stuffed pasta.

Pumpkin Tortellini ($13++/$22++)
pasta filled with roasted squash, ricotta & Parmesan in a pumpkin, chilli & rosemary butter with smashed amaretti


Porchetta – this was all K. He kept raving the prime rib tried on our previous visit but me being the evil me, I forced him to pick another meaty dish to try this time haha. And he picked another yummy winner! Accordingly to him anyway.

Jamie’s Italian Signature Porchetta ($35++)
slow-cooked pork belly filled with herbs, garlic & spices with fennel crackling & a watercress salad


Salmon – And this was all mine :) Salmon dishes are usually comfortingly boring (one of my favourites!) so kudos to the chef for pairing it with interesting lemony whipped ricotta and a zesty salad. For once, the sides had me hooked more than the fish.

Baked Salmon ($23.50++)
whipped artisanal ricotta, balsamic-roasted veg & a crunchy salad


Pink snapper – this has been on the menu since Jamie opened its doors in Singapore and I’ve read positive reviews about it. But we don’t like it, period. Granted, fish was fresh but the Chinese-ish sauce was a killer. Terribly salty killer, I mean.

Pink Snapper Acqua Pazza ($32++)
pan-fried whole pink snapper with olives, garlic, wine, capers, parsley & baby plum tomatoes


Profiteroles – we are not fans of this (puff pastries were a tad “flat” tasting), especially when the exciting epic brownie beckons…

Chocolate & Espresso Profiteroles ($9.50++)
vanilla ice cream & bitter hot chocolate sauce with orange zest


Tiramisu – still so moist and good! Full marks for consistency.

Tiramisu ($11.50++)
coffee-flavoured trifle with orange mascarpone & chocolate


Today is also the last day to spoil your dads with the specially created meat-centric sharing plank, part of a three-course menu ($138++ for two pax, $268++ for four). Antipasti include artisan cured meats, fritto misto, cheeses, olives; then comes the main feast – Jamie’s famous garlic & herb sausage, braised beef rigatoni pasta, 48 hours slow roasted pork knuckle; end off with a dessert plank tiramisu, epic brownie and panna cotta.

Thanks Stef for arranging dinner!

Jamie’s Italian
#01-165/167, VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk
6733 5500

Spring at Senso

If you believe in eating with the seasons, then asparagus (especially the white ones!) should be on your list. And Senso ought to be on that same list too, as it recently unveils an updated Spring a la carte and special menu that features (what else but) the vegetable of the season – asparagus.

My last visit to Senso was more than a year ago and I remembered heaping praises on the food and service. This time round, neither disappointed me! *heave a sigh of relief*


A new introduction to the antipasti section is the duo of scallops served in a huge shell. The presentation was gorgeous and the combination of fresh scallop and luxurious caviar was faultless. Only flaw was the extremely salty baby spinach.

Scallop in Shell ($30++)
pan-seared adriatic scallop, avruga caviar, spinach foam, candied tomatoes with thyme, sautéed baby spinach with garlic


For something light, the refreshing white & green asparagus salad is good enough as a main course. But then again, why stop at one when there are so many other dishes to try? :)

White & Green Asparagus Salad ($30++)
aged parma ham, slow-cooked organic poached egg, parmesan chips, mesclun salad with balsamic dressing


In lieu of the Arborio rice commonly used for risotto, farro is an unconventional grain that will appeal to the health-conscious with its high nutritional value of fibre, protein and iron! The nutty flavour won me over easily while the traditional carnaroli risotto tasted heavy and too creamy in contrast.

Farro ($28++)
organic dinkel wheat slowly-cooked as a risotto, diced carrots, peas, fava beans topped with parmesan cheese flakes


Carnaroli Risotto ($30++)
white and green asparagus, aged parmesan flakes, fresh basil


Capellini is very similar to our local beehoon, although I’m partial to the Italian version (of course!) haha. The thin and fine strands were well tossed with rich fish roe and coarsely chopped smoked haddock. It was salty yet strangely addictive. And portion was so generous that more than half was sent back to the kitchen, oops! #sorrytowastefood

Capellini ($36++)
angel hair pasta, hokkaido scallops, roasted baby capsicum, smoked haddock, bottarga


Other than the farro, another interesting dish on the menu is the braised sea bass, which is uniquely infused with the fragrant Italian anise-flavoured liqueur ‘Sambuca’. Thankfully the liqueur was not overpowering and the natural sweetness still shone through.

Sea Bass ($40++)
purple artichokes, confit of wine tomatoes, crushed potatoes with black olives


Semifreddo is one of the last things I’d order for desserts (I’m just not a fan of frozen mousse) and even though there was nothing wrong with Senso’s rendition, I couldn’t help pining for its excellent tiramisu secretly…

Semifreddo ($14++)
italian pistachio and macadamia semifreddo, rhubarb compote, chocolate crumble


My thanks to Charmaine for hosting dinner!

Senso Ristorante & Bar
#01-01, 21 Club Street
6224 3534


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