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Serving contemporary British cuisine, The Royal Mail is celebrating her 3rd birthday with a revamped menu featuring brand new dishes.

For starters, the flavourful bouillabaisse boasts a bright tangy broth brimming with seafood goodness – red snapper, langoustine and blue mussels are the key ingredients that make this stew tick. Skip the unexciting trio of tomatoes; I’d rather you try the refreshingly light duo of scallop carpaccio and lightly-seared tuna. Mains and roasts of the menu see additions such as the whole roasted Japanese yellow sea bream, which is specially flown in from Japan and huge enough for 2 pax! K’s honey glazed kurobuta pork was juicy and succulent while my miso black cod was equally enjoyable – tender and fatty (though I’d prefer it to be less sweet). The only main which I didn’t like was the porcini and bacon risotto – such a heavy dish; I don’t know how anyone can finish it at one go. Among all the desserts, the bergamot earl grey jelly was my favourite. Lots of different textures and flavours in the parfait from the soft jelly to the smooth frozen yoghurt and tangy passion fruit coulis. Other worthy-to-try options include the classic eton mess and cutely presented peanut butter jelly!

I’m glad that The Royal Mail is under the Palate Card program so yes, I’ll definitely be back again!


Scallop Carpaccio and Tuna ($26++)
hokkaido scallop carpaccio, lightly-seared tuna, capers, olive, coriander, preserved lemon, fresh vegetables ribbon


Trio of Tomatoes ($18++)
cherry tomato confit, semi-dried tomato, fresh yellow cherry tomato, bocconcini, pesto


Seafood Bouillabaisse ($28++)
red malabar snapper, whole langoustine, blue mussel, bouillabaisse broth


Honey Glazed Kurobuta Pork ($56++)
mesclun salad, white wine apple, apple butter sauce


Porcini & Bacon Risotto ($32++)
aged parmesan cheese


Miso Black Cod ($42++)
leek fondue, seaweed butter, sesame tuille, bonito flakes


Roasted Whole Japanese Yellow Sea Bream ($78++)
lemon, garlic confit, scallion


Chocolate Fondant ($24++)
molten chocolate cake, tahitian vanilla ice-cream


Peanut Butter Jelly ($18++)
toasted brioche, cranberry jelly, chocolate ganache, caramelised banana


Eton Mess ($18++)
strawberries, meringue, hazelnut crunch, salted caramel, devon cream


Enhanced Bergamot Earl Grey Jelly ($15++)
frozen yoghurt, passionfruit coulis, macerated berries


Many thanks to Amanda and Jaslyn for the invitation!

The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar
Ascott Raffles Place Singapore
2 Finlayson Green
6509 3589

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